day one

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today i met my new boss for the first time :) she's cool. i approve.

my mom and my sisters took me to the airport this morning. my family's seriously cool, and i'm sorry to miss my sisters this summer. mom missed the departures exit, so she dropped me off at the arrivals pickup and my sissies helped carry my bags to check-in. let me also mention here that they MOVED ME OUT, the both of them, without a single word of complaint or negativity. it was, like, the greatest gift they could have given me on my way out. i've had this massive guilt thing ever since this whirlwind started because i take some pride in my ability to keep my personal hurricanes pretty self-contained, and this series of decisions has made everyone around me make some changes of their own to help me along. for that i am so grateful.

so shane picked me up at the burbank airport several hours later, after two flights and a layover in phoenix. i've never been to phoenix, the topography was seriously facinating. but anyway, shane found me and we loaded up my bags - kept it down to two bags, a backpack, and a briefcase - and i got a minor tour of burbank before we hit the apartment.

guys, i'm around the corner from CARTOON NETWORK. this is like mecca.

just kidding. but it's really lovely, there are mountains and a lot of trees, and the office is only about five blocks from the apartment. i'm feeling pretty at home here already, and it's day one. it's eighty degrees out. i have to keep taking this one day at a time or i'll explode. there's so much to do, and i'm feeling about 70% ready 20% anxious i'll fail and 10% anxious that i'll succeed. that last one is a new feeling to me.

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