a moment to breathe

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been back in the states for a couple days. basically, travel was amazing. i actually commented a few times how i was in awe of each person we were traveling with. at several points during the week brad and i wondered to each other at the marvel unfolding before us, that the very random emails almost six months ago led to us hanging out in central america, making fools of ourselves so that these kids can smile a little more.

more soon.
hope everyone's feeling peaceful.
tomorrow for me brings packing, blogging, and the last Wrig until august. i'm looking forward to sharing stories with the kids at church. the people there would totally love where i was last week.

i'm starting to accept the moving thing. i tend to not think about big things before they begin, in order to preserve the few shreds of sanity i have :) i pretty much make a decision and stay optimistic and even until it's upon me, then like minutes before all the bells and cheers are exploding inside my head. it's coming. i can feel it approaching...


prisca said...

just a random visitor popping by..Am so amazed at what you do, and yeah, God IS amazing! :) Looking forward to reading more about your travels and your life.. So keep posting!

Paul G. said...

So very cool Lisa!