the graduates

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last weekend was spent at Miami University for Jenna's graduation! two daughters down, one to go. anne's going to be a senior this coming year, also attending Miami. i tried to go there, too, honest, but Drake is where i spent my four years (becoming obsessed with design).

i got back to chi-town last monday, and the chaos went into full swing for the week. my sisters helped me move into my 10' budget truck, they were absolute troopers! tonight things slowed down enough for dinner with a couple of my favorite girls at Uncommon Ground. then i took the scenic route driving home from Wrigleyville... passed through Wilmette... it's not like i'll be gone for that long! but some nostalgia is setting in. the realization that my apartment is no longer mine, that these keys aren't for me anymore.

i ran into two people this week that i haven't seen since high school. in SIX YEARS, and i pass them on the street. crazy. that's probably the source of this wave. it's strange to look around and realize i'm leaving for a while. it's like, where you're not becomes a ghost town. i know other cities exist, but because i don't exist within them they seem foreign. and soon chicago will be that while i'm in LA and Boston. i can't wait. i leave the day after tomorrow for los angeles.

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