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front of house
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i'm in boston!!!!!! shane and i got a ride from Anthony to LAX at 6am. the flight was fine, about five hours, and it was so neat to start on one coast and end on another. a couple of kids picked us up at the airport, one of them has met Shane and kind of represents our landlord. our landlord, for those of us who don't know, is the father of a family and a civic engineer who, with the support and cooperation of his family and mother in law, moved the family to Indonesia for two years to literally reconstruct damaged tsunami villages. like he's leading a crew. it's really interesting, his wife left pictures of their kids (i think aged 4, 5 and 12) hanging on the wall up the front stairs - she asked that we think of them and pray for them as we pass by.

we're living in a yellow three story house with black shutters and a white picket fence. the second floor is its own apartment, and four musicians live there who are totally unrelated to our project but are nonetheless excited about it. the first floor is ours, with a kitchen, office, shane's room, and two living rooms. the third floor is also ours, with four bedrooms and a bathroom. but let me tell you, two of these top floor rooms are attic type rooms, with sloped ceilings. i kept joking that we need to pass out bike helmets at the front door. heads are getting smacked.

i'm already unpacked, it's been uneventful in a sense. today we woke up, flew over, unpacked, and soon i'll be ready for bed. i've been up since 5:45 and now it's 1am.

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