aftermath of Live 8

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everyone but owen and i went to Live 8 in philly this week. he and i have become total partners in crime, we both have umbilical cords to our computers and we both enjoy blanking out from that condition by watching movies. so he and i chilled out here. i got a monsterous amount of house-work done in the peace and quiet, things like cleaning the nasty sticky kitchen floor... fixing the shower so it doesn't leak water all over the bathroom... cooking a full meal for a change instead of my usual hobo meal of bagel / hummus / strawberries.

that was my friday and saturday, housework and design. which was done in an oddly methodological fashion... sometimes it's soothing to clean and do the dishes. working with your hands mindlessly instead of with a purpose... it was really relaxing. i feel SO much better after last week's mild but publicly-unacknowledged tension. plus i have some amazing girlfriends that make my life so much cooler. Mandy, Cassie, Betsy, Elizabeth, Julie, Libby... owen makes fun of me for having so many "close" or "best" friends, but what the heck. my friends shape my life and i love them for being in it.

so about this picture: that's Ryan, aka Colorado Sly. last night everyone got back from Live 8 around 2am, so today is the laziest day i've seen in years. i went to bed at three and got up at eight, watched a movie, took a nap, booked a flight for a friend, and here i am now, blogging. heading to barnes and noble for a bit to finish up the BLANK book. and we have tomorrow off, which could not sound more glorious right now :)

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