random people i love

random people i love
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today we received the most amazing hospitality. after getting our own rooms, our own beds, we woke up and were treated to an extravagant breakfast - all THIRY or so of us. the day started off nice and sweet, with breakfast, then we watched some of the video footage of last night's show; kyle (one of the New Jersey kids that planned this) played a few songs on his guitar on the front porch; there were some skateboarding lessons; hugs all around. no one wanted to mess with it, but just keep coasting on the good vibes. i'm madly in love with the Obangatek kids, with Brad Corrigan, and with everyone we met last weekend. everyone had their spirit in the right place, and it made for a wonderful time together.

we left around noon, it took seven hours to get home! Eric drove most of it. he's a trooper. i spent the last few hours of the day on the front porch chillin with gary, watching the sun set.

let me just say once more how very cool it is to travel. even short distances open you up like a flower to the sun. these kids that i met were like seventeen and i don't know how long it will be before they forget my name, or forget me altogether. but being exposed to the love we all shared was really really cool. reminds me that we all have that love available in ourselves, all the time, and i think that's what keeps me moving as the Nomad.

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