there was AN ESCAPE

copley square
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i broke out of the house, and it was glorious. six of us went downtown and found a place to get lunch, then realized we were right next to the Berkley School of Music! the giveaway was the horde of kids with crazy hair and odd-sized bags... cello-sized one might say... :) i think we crashed a campus tour and some auditions. the kids were very interesting looking. it's amazing how blue hair just suits some people very well, and others not so much at all.

We took a long walking tour to Copley Square, then found Newberry Street, then found fun fun boutique stores, then found ice cream, then came back to Copley Square. Ari Hest was scheduled to play, but came to the stage almost two hours late due to an impromptu memorial service for the victims of the recent London bombing, held at the chapel in the background of that picture. unfortunately for Ari, by then we'd left. but the field was about half-full by the time of our departure, so there was some love for Mister Hest.

we were in pretty high spirits for the night, we went to TGIFriday's to watch the Red Sox / Yankees game - i have no alligance to either team, but you could sure cut that tension with a knife at the bar :) and then that AWFUL loss. it was tragic, really...

we got home around 11, and just had one of those nights were no one is tired and you dance around the living room with no music on but what you're singing. and it went on like that for several hours. such is the lovely impromptu life of the urban liberalist neo-hippies.

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