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it's currently 3:51am Boston time. i have no intention of going to bed. tonight there have been three press releases created. i'm going to do a fundraising letter next. i have this fantastic idea to do an 11"x17" poster that people will read on one side and hang the other side on their wall. shane wrote four pages of text. what else is there to do? i'm excited.

i've been gone for a few days because we've passed the two week marker and now there are... wait, let me check... wait for it... wait for it...
EIGHT DAYS AND TWENTY HOURS until we open our doors. people are wired, myself obviously included. everyone's not sure if they did enough, if they did things right, that kind of thing. i was accused the other day of being ineffective: "i don't know what you do all day. i think you watch TV." i nearly lost it myself, which is saying something. i've been told that people would pay good money to see me lose my temper - i'm glad to say i've never done so publicly. since it feels imminent, maybe i should charge admission. i mean, come on, usually i'm all smiles. usually i can out-grin most of the puppets on Seasame Street. i'm feeling good right now. i LOVE inDesign. i feel agressive, but in a good way. this work i'm churning out is pleasing me, and i'll be glad to place it oh-so-sweetly in the lap of my accuser. other designers will get what i'm saying: no one knows what we're up to, and it freaks them out.

i'm listening to Kings of Leon and just finished re-starting my manifesto that i was all geared up to write about six months ago. i let it go. i needed a change, and received several! so the writing slowed and pooled and stagnated. but suddenly the time seems ripe to get into it again. three people have told me recently that i should consider writing as more than a late night way to pass the time. the question remains, however: do i really have anything worthwhile to say?

only time will tell.
stay tuned.

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annie said...

that blows, you don't really watch that much tv and when you do it's cartoons anyway which could technically be considered research for your design work. while you're at it, turn on slow nights so long, track 1 on aha shake heartbreak. great chill out tune with an extra surprise at the end :)