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the day started with wimpy spewing vaporous smoke from the dashboard which became a thick white cloud at the gas station. i'll post pictures soon. it was seriously... i've never seen a car do that. wimpy has a problem where she cannot keep her cool. the engine overheats if you drive around the block. and it's in this condition that we took her to somerville to cart the Dispatch Trio to their movie premiere. she did surprisingly all right on the highway, but we bought gallons of water and antifreeze once we got to Somerville.

this was my first time in Somerville, and it's interesting to think of the Dispatch history that i missed there. it was the first show they ever sold out... it's in the documentary quite a bit, so it's really cool to watch the movie in the room where the boys' last rehersal took place! we got a mini-tour and some lunch before having a meeting. this part makes me sick - wimpy's smoke was unexpected, and getting her some attention meant that we were late and missed a suprise lunch that shane had set up with the boys for us! so instead of chillin with Chad, Brad, and Pete, we wolfed down sandwiches at our meeting.

spent the day mostly stapling packets to hand out to kids in line - kind of a weekend events rundown - and walking around asking people what they need. helping out everyone who needed it... there was one minor fiasco when i opened my backpack to change into my nice shirt and it WASN'T THERE. i had to greet people for the first ten minutes in my ratty work shirt (a pink softball jersey i first aquired when i was twelve, it has my name on the back) but that was fixed when ashley brought it for me from the house. it had been hanging in the basement to dry, so i'd forgotten it.

we seated all these people that i recognized from the movie, and that was pretty neat, people like the bandmates' parents, some music industry people, and the director and his wife. then around eight the boys themselves came in with helmut schleppi (director) and we gave them a standing ovation. shane jumped on stage, introduced a few key people, and we started the show. IT WAS AMAZING. i'd only seen rough cuts, so to see the sound at 100% and the picture fantastically crisp was a new experience. afterwards, as the credits started to roll, there was another standing ovation and more acknowledgements from shane. she recognized the intern team as well, and that felt great. everything since this little blog began was, in the bigger picture, for tonight.

afterwards we schmoozed in the lobby, all the kids from the second floor were there (very cool) and there was an after party a few blocks away. the after party was kind of strange, all the people there had been in the movie and so they all knew each other, and i only knew the intern team and the band. so i didn't stay long, but i did manage to tell brad and chad they were amazing. brad, true to form, was wonderful and made me feel like he was thankful that i was there. chad was extremely gracious and knew exactly who i was, and proceeded to compliment my design talent. i managed to get my wits about me enough to reply "for us, this is a fun summer, for you this is ten years of work. we're only trying to reflect back on to you how much we appreciate who you are and what you do." which is true. it's not like i'm playing down what i've done - i've worked my ass off this summer and it was great - but there would be nothing if Dispatch wasn't everything it was and is.

so that was cool. to see and be seen by a favorite of mine. went back and worked the midnight show after the party, and then got home around 3am. sleep is wonderful.

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