my favorite spot

my favorite spot
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did not leave the house today. yesterday's sunburn has set in. i am red in places like the back of my neck. somehow this will turn brown over the next few days, i'm sure of it :) but anyway, today was spent blissfully inside. i'm deliriously tired. it's been a long time since i literally spent a full day in the sun and i forgot that it can wear a person out! it was kind of amazing to notice the sun moving across the sky. it's one thing to spend the day outside, but that's amplified when you spend the whole day contained within ten square feet...

the whole house carried that vibe today. we watched movies and talked, people came and went, owen had both his guitars out and kept switching from the acoustic to the electric. have i mentioned how amazing his guitar skills are? i want to tape him plucking around and carry it with me, load it to my iPod and play it for my friends.

high on my comfort zone list are these rocking chairs pictured. we all end up out here on a cellphone at one point or another, or sometimes gary and i will be out here at night talking about random things. very simple pleasures kind of a day. speaking of that, i think our summer should be sponsored in part by Italian Ice and FreezePops. cause man, when there's no air conditioning, you gotta do what you gotta do. and that includes eating a lot of ice when you're covered in sunburns.

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