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enjoying my newly painted nails
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oh, monday... how i love thee...
just kidding. i'm a waste of space today, exhausted from the weekend and waking up stiff for the first time since moving downstairs. i'm mildly concerned because apparently strep throat has moved into our house, but my throat was only sore last night. i think it's already come and gone.

owen and i are back in our fantastic routine of seeing movies after long monitor-filled days. we saw Fantastic Four, which i liked and he didn't. it was mindless and had really good explosions, which are things i go for in an action flick. plots = unnecessary.

today was slow but i wouldn't say today was relaxing. spent the day on a project that might get scrapped soon. someone tried to call me a procrastinator, was invited to sit next to me and watch me work, and once they saw how i make something out of nothing, they changed their tune. that was kind of the highlight of the day. today was, overall, hardworking and pretty good... fairly standard

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