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pimp daddy glasses found in wimpy
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today my mom and sister came to visit. came to see lil' old me in my crazy DISPATCH world and meet my crazy dispatch friends. i was in the bathroom when they arrived, so true to form they started introducing themselves to the people around the movie lobby. when i came up and found them, we headed off across the street to Davis Square and got to hang out a bit. owen came by and met them, and soon thereafter learned why i offered to map out my extended family :) catching up on the family gossip can be a strenuous affair. there are, after all, a kajillion of us running around at the same time and talking with our hands at once. it's the italian way. the highlight, though, was learning that my cousin lou proposed TODAY to his girlfriend, who we all love. erin's amazing, louie's amazing, and they will be amazing together. i love them both. i'm more than a little excited about this.

today was spent working at various movie showings, after owen met my family i took them to the 2pm Dispatch showing - which they loved! that felt good, that they enjoyed what i've been working for this whole time. afterwards they headed out back to downtown boston, and i worked passing out fliers, putting out fires, generally putting smiles on faces until i got home around 3am. owen put a smile on MY face by wearing these glasses all day.

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