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we are 23 days and 14 hours away from the doors opening on this movie. we've had a weekend off, a glorious, sun filled, fireworked, relaxed, read-a-book weekend, and later this afternoon we're kicking it back into high speed. it's currently POURING RAIN, so no one minds being inside... no one's downstairs yet but me... hopefully the energy will be pretty high as we regroup and get ready for the final three weeks.

it's a really difficult thing to gauge how you're doing in a campaign like this. to be grassroots means not only spreading the word by word of mouth, but also actually avoiding mainstream methods. so things like online ticket sales are no indication of how many people are going to be coming to this event. it might end up like last summer, where suddenly the day of the party hundreds of thousands of crashers show up. we have a ton of events set up, a road trip scavenger hunt and a film festival for exapmle, but who knows where we stand right now.

on the other hand, i know for a fact that we have people roadtripping out here from AK, CO, WI, IL, CA, and FL. and yes, AK is ALASKA. those kids are getting huge hugs from all of us.

it's looking like we're moving base camp to chicago mid-august as opposed to the very beginning of august like we'd first planned. i'll be home just in time for papa's birthday and Feeling Better than Everfine!

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