eric giving bryan some support

eric supporting bryan
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we started off the morning with an assessment of thursday and friday. spirits are VERY high, especially with the drum circles starting to form around Somerville... people are walking around singing dispatch music, and the community is building. it's pretty sweet. the day is spent mostly working the shows. i grabbed a slice of pizza with some kids for dinner, there's a nice cheap place down the street, but dinner seemed to come really early. where did the day go?

brad showed up for a few of the showings, which is amazing for the fans coming to see it. kids swarm him everywhere, and it's no surprise to me! he's great at making people feel special, and he's good on his feet - which came in handy when at the same time all the theaters started having trouble with the sound and picture. turns out it was an electrical problem, but basically the film went down for a good twenty minutes, and so what does brad do? work the crowd. among his other talents, he's a fairly good beatboxer?! so he showed of those skills from what i heard. he and helmut schleppi (the director) also interviewed the crowd a bit while the technical problems were overcome.

after the 10pm show, our team met across the street and got some ice cream. we sat together outside and proceeded to have as close a thing as we could have to a closing meeting. thankfully it wasn't too tearjerking, but it couldn't be helped to have a little nostalgia as the summer was quickly drawing to a close.

afterwards, around 11, i hopped on the T red line and rode downtown so i could crash at my family's hotel room. this bed is AMAZING. far cry from the loveseat, obviously. mom and anne are so great to be here, they saved me some dinner and we watched saturday night live as they told me about the comedy club they went to. went to sleep feeling good to have them around and excited for sunday.

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