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the copley concert was GREAT for several reasons: 1) MIKE DOUGHTY was playing, former lead singer of Soul Coughing, one of my all-time ever favorite bands ever. 2) with the help of a couple strings being pulled, we got a BOOTH at the free concert series, and seriously a few thousand people were there. and with Nantucket Nectars on one side and some new strawberry soda thing on the other, all the free samples helped our cause. come for the free drinks, stay for the chitchat with Lisa the Amazing Wonderwoman of Small Talk. somehow i make friends with everyone, even the creepy kids who wanted to talk about acid tripping. what was that all about, really? do i look like the type? seriously.

but the BIG one, #3: the guy in this picture is from Zimbabwe. Elias Fund is named after an actual man named Elias, and this guy walking down the boston street is from the SAME VILLAGE. can you imagine how encouraged he must have been? he talked to our people for half an hour about education and politics. it was so cool. i've met a lot of people in my life - the way of the nomad, after all - but the people i've met this summer blow my mind. shane's developing a theory that it's not six degrees any more, it's one or two degrees, and i'm starting to agree.

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