i dig the headphones

i dig the headphones
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so we all know that i really, really dislike pictures of myself and rarely blog them. however, today was SO FUN THAT I WILL DO IT.

last night gary asked me if i wanted to go with him tomorrow. "where?" i ask. well, it turns out one of the guys that gary trains (gary trains military recruits) is a pilot and has been one for thirteen years and invited gary and a guest for a jaunt in, you know, THE SKY. click on that picture of me to see more from the trip.

today we drove about 30 minutes to a tiny airport and got into a tiny plane (Cessna 172 SP) and saw nantucket, cape cod, and martha's vinyard before we landed. we stopped for a break on nantucket. no big thing. except that we HAD TO LAND THE PLANE FIRST. the ride was great. steve made us really comfortable, he explained everything as we did it, all the beeps and clicks of the machines and some of the code we listened to while eavsdropping on the air traffic control channel.

our ride went from about 11am to 4pm, then gary and i got some Subway on the way home. we're both pretty tired now, been napping / doing "homework" ever since. no plans for tonight besides us finishing watching On The Waterfront... what more do you need in a day than what i've got? today rocks.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS BLOG - sorry I was gone for a week but it was great to catch up!!