Rick Tharp

i only heard about Rick Tharp's possible passing today.
it's an absolute loss.

suddenly i'm aware of how long it's been since i stepped into this bubble of a world. it's a pretty sweet bubble, filled with music and late nights and good ideas, but it's like when i lived on campus at college. we never knew world events, we barely knew campus events. i don't watch the news any more on principle because i feel it's totally sensationalist, and besides it's not like Mr. Tharp's situation would have made national news anyway. but i haven't read HOW Magazine or Speak Up in so long. what's going on in Design Land? what will i talk about when i have to interview for a job? maybe a few projects down the line i'll start researching a Designer's Guide to Designers Handbook. i feel so ignorant sometimes. the most attention i gave Rick Tharp was when something happened to him. that's kind of despicable. i hate when i discover someone that way.

i also hate being such a downer when i post things. this is a tragedy, but life sure is beautiful and i love it differently each time i remember that.

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