boston evenings

boston evening
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this picture was taken earlier in the week, but i want to express how there's something about a city that makes me comfortable. i said earlier that i'm either a city or country girl. country comes with a solitude, a quiet that you expect and have freedom in. city is bustling, saturated, with little havens that you build for yourself. suburbs have HOUSES WHERE YOU SIT AND WAIT TO DO SOMETHING ELSE THAN SIT AND WAIT.

so today i was in that pacing-cat-mode again, i was literally jumping up and down through the first floor of the house, making noise for the sake of hearing something other than the opressive lawn mowers and car engines. i just about pounced on gary and begged to go somewhere, anywhere, get me out before i have to start jumping again. so we went on a hunt for mexican food.
got absolutely lost, but ended up somehow...

"is that fenway?"
"yeah, dude, how did we do that?"
"lisa, i just don't know."
"sweet. here we are."

we had dinner at a nice sports bar down the street from fenway park. got lost on the way back too, but got home in time to finally finish On The Waterfront before 2am. i'm so excited that someone else likes this movie as much as i do.

there's this scene in it, where this pastor is in the bowels of a ship being unloaded by the dock workers (on the waterfront, get it?) and he's goes into how Christ is wherever you are, meeting you where you are. he gets into the responsibility we have to other people because they're our brothers. it's seriously great. anyway, the night ended as it often does with some religious philosophy discussion before tottering off to my loveseat makeshift bed. i'm getting so sick of that thing.

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